Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Subject: Reading vs. Understanding - Part 2

It has been proved beyond any reasonable doubt that Bruce Ivins was NOT in Suite B3 when his co-worker was monitoring the mice in her "Passive Mouse Experiment" in late September and early October 2001.  So, that project cannot account for ANY significant amount of Bruce Ivins' unexplained hours in Suite B3 just before the anthrax attacks.  Any Anthrax Truther who believed it did has been shown to have been totally mistaken.

No evidence has been provided to show that Bruce Ivins was monitoring rabbits during this time, either.  No evidence has been provided on where the rabbits for protocol B01-11 were kept.  No evidence has been provided on when Bruce Ivins handled the animals -- or if he handled them at all.  The only items of "evidence" that have been provided are (1) a protocol which just says what was planned, not what actually happened, (2) an email that says Ivins knew some of the results of the challenge, and (3) a notebook which seems to only show that Ivins didn't seem to know when any of the specific animals died.

So, instead of providing solid facts to support a claim that Ivins was innocent and involved in routine work during his "unexplained"  hours in Suite B3, an Anthrax Truther has been attempting to ask meaningless questions and to post references to documents that can only be considered to be irrelevant and meaningless.  He provides no explanation of what the documents are supposed to represent in the way of evidence.  The documents in no way contradict the findings of the FBI which say Dr. Ivins was making anthrax powders in Suite B3.  All the EVIDENCE and  FACTS clearly show that Dr. Ivins had no explanation for why he was in Suite B3 late at night before the two attacks.  The FACTS say he had no explanation because he was committing the crime of preparing the anthrax letters that killed 5 innocent people and injured 17 other in the autumn of 2001.

Meaningless questions and irrelevant documents won't change what the facts and evidence say.

In a Dec. 5, 2013 post, an Anthrax Truther claimed that Ivins didn't work in B3 during the day.  Here's a chart of Ivins DAY & NIGHT hours during October 2001:
The chart clearly shows that Ivins worked in Suite B3 a lot more during the day than in evenings.  What stands out, however, is his STILL UNEXPLAINED evening hours on the 3rd, 4th and 5th.