Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sept. 23 - Sept. 29, 2012 Discussions

I sent out 5 more query letters to literary agents last week, but I received no responses - not even any rejections.  When I sent out query letters in March and April, I received responses to 60% of them, and there's usually one agent who responds (with a rejection) the same day or the next day.

Nevertheless, I'll be sending out a bunch of new query letters this coming week.  It should be the last of them.  There aren't any more agents on the list I developed a couple months back.

Meanwhile, there's been no news about the Syracuse hoax anthrax letters.  It's a subject I find to be of great interest.  I hope that the FBI is still checking tips or the DOJ is presenting evidence to a grand jury.  I wouldn't like the case to just vanish into oblivion.   

Most of my Sunday comment on my web site this week was about the frustrations of building an index for my book.  What should I include, what should I omit?  It's apparently totally arbitrary.  There are no fixed rules.  So, I'll just do the best I can.

A representative at iUniverse told me that they like to build the indexes for the books they publish.  I shudder to think what such an index would look like for my book which mentions Ivins on at least 60 percent of the pages.  The WORD program for building indexes doesn't even seem to have the ability to combine strings of pages (e.g., combine 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 into 1-5).

I keep waiting for some news organization to publish a long article about the 11th anniversary of the anthrax attacks of 2001.  No sign of anything so far.  But, when is the anniversary?  It's probably either October 5, when the first victim died or October 12 when the first letter was found.  Or it could just be the month of October.  Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Laurie Garrett gave a speech at Harvard a couple weeks ago where she said she thought Ivins didn't do it.  On Monday, October 1, the Emmy Awards for News & Documentary shows will be presented.  Will the error-filled PBS Frontline program "The Anthrax Files" win?  We'll find out in 8 days.


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