Sunday, November 6, 2011

Nov. 6 - Nov. 12 discussions

The big topic for discussion this week is my new web page about Where & When Bruce Ivins made the anthrax powders ... allegedly.


  1. Mister Lake, since this is a blank space in the online discussions, I thought I would suggest a change in a sentence at the end of your J-Lo Letter document. (Naturally, I don't agree with you about the J-Lo letter, but this isn't about that, it's about saying what YOU mean)

    The troublesome sentence, under the heading SPECULATION:

    If the J-Lo letter wasn't the anthrax letter, which we know that Bob Stevens handled, how did Bob Stevens become exposed? It's highly unlikely that he handled the second letter.
    I think your MEANING is:

    If the J-Lo letter, which we know Bob Stevens handled, wasn't the anthrax letter, (then) how did Bob Stevens become exposed?...
    A problem of antecedents. No biggie, but other readers might be confused.

  2. R Rowley,

    Good point. I've made the correction.


    BTW, when posting a comment to this blog, it's always best to post in the most recent thread.

    I get notified by email whenever anyone posts anything, EXCEPT if they post to a thread that is over 30 days old. A post to a thread that is over 30 days old goes into a "moderation" file, and I'm not notified. I have to check it see if there's anything there. And, I don't check the moderation file very often.

    This thread is about 26 days old.

    Thanks again.